What is the Circle?

The Circle is a free-of-charge system to connect people offering help and people needing assistance. It is organized around ads pinned on a panel and the present guide describing the system. Objectives are to create a self-managed local community of free-of-charge assistance and mutual aid, with the end goal of connecting the people together, and creating bonds. The Circle does not rely on any organizers or legal structure. To participate, it is only required to read the guide, and to commit to follow the following rules with the other participants.

The Circle Guide

Download version 1.0 in [PDF] or Word format [DOC].

How to create a new Circle?

It is very easy to create a new Circle. Find a visible place with a lot of people where it is protected from the weather. It could be in a friendly shop (big city) or a public space (small city), always with the agreement of the owners. It could also be in the stairwell of a building, if you want to connect neighbours. Download and print the Guide above and display the 6 pages on a panel. First line up the pages 4-6 on the first row follow by the pages 1-3 on the second row, as depicted below. We also try to keep track of the different Circles in order to developp a tool to localize the nearest one. To help use, please send information (location, creation date, number of entries in the register), by email to adrien (dot) chopin (at) gmail (dot) com.